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What Fashion Trend?

Denise Melendez

Posted on July 10 2018

I have come to see that fashion are multiple trends In various patterns, fabrics, and colors. There is not one at a given time. Each person is different when it comes to their styles, their trends. Their views on fashion differs from each other. As I walked through the streets of Puerto Rico, I noticed people dressed in all eras. 80s, 90s, 2000s. There isn’t any specific brand or trend. There are various styles that either makes you want to get up, head to the store, and purchase that same exact thing; or styles that makes you laugh and say, “You will never catch me in that.” As I looked around I realized the latest fashion trend doesn’t define who you are or how much wealth you have. It’s about on how it makes you feel. You find something that makes you feel good about yourself and you go with it. Enjoy different colors. Enjoy different patterns. It’s your style, your trend, your fashion. It makes you, you. Embrace it, Enjoy it, and Own it.

-Besso Boutique 

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